SD College Alappuzha under the auspices of Academic and Research Forum (ARF) in collaboration with UGC-HRDC, University of Kerala is organising 14 Days Refresher Course (multi disciplinary) from 28th September to 11th October 2020. The Course will be conducted strictly in accordance with UGC Guidelines. The course can be used for promotion requirements of teachers.

About the Programme

In the present era of Covid-19 pandemic, vast changes are required in education system
with a more advanced digital pedagogy to shape better teachers in India. Now simple pedagogy is shifting towards Digital Pedagogy, which is a novel way of teaching and learning with ICT. The programme is targeted to enhance and integrate technology in teaching to make the teaching professionals, technologically advanced so that the learning process will be more meaningful and effective. Amidst the pandemic the teaching community at large are facing the challenges of acquiring skills with regard to the use of online tools which are essential for virtual teaching. This programme is designed to equip teaching community in this regard. This will also provide an opportunity for the teaching fraternity from various colleges and universities to explore the use of information technology while imparting knowledge to the students. The course will be delivered synchronously in face to face interaction using GOOGLE meet and MOODLE platform. There will be 6 hours of Live sessions on each day. The course can be used for promotional requiremts of teachers as per CAS of UGC and AICTE. Themes for discussion in the programme will include the following:

  1. Understanding Online Education & its Pros & Cons
  2. Digital tools for developing E-contents (Basic & Advanced features).
  3. Assessment and Evaluation tools.
  4. Various LMS platforms and tools for online education
  5. Hands on training in MOODLE LMS
  6. – Create and Design course in MOODLE platform using all the available resources and activities plug –ins.

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