annam-sanathanamGoals of the Programme

Although Kerala is a fairly developed  and progressive state, food scarcity can be experienced due to various reasons. There are many people who do not have regular incomes; many patients in hospitals might not have access to food at the right time, and a hospital visit might upset the expenses of a household. Inmates of old age homes and orphanages can also face unexpected food shortages at any time.  As members of this society, it is the duty of every citizen to extend a helping hand to hungry and needy fellow beings.

In this materialistic age when human values are being rapidly eroded, and care and concern for humanity is taking a back seat, it falls within the duty of every educational institution to inculcate such values to the student community.  They should be creatively and sincerely involved in such welfare activities that could serve towards providing value education along with their academic activities. Annam Sanatanam was started with this intention of promoting the values of social commitment and readiness to help those in need.

The Practice

Annam Sanatanam was started as a collective initiative by the Management, teaching staff, non- teaching staff and students of the college. A general meeting was held on 7/10/2015 and a committee was constituted for the smooth conduct of the programme.   “Annadanam Mahadanam”  was selected as the motto of the programme.  An action plan was also chalked out and the programme was launched with immediate effect, with the Manager Shri . J. Krishnan inaugurating Annam Sanatanam on 15/10/2015.

A minimum of 50 packets is collected from students, teachers, non-teaching staff of each department.  The contribution is voluntary, and Thursday was decided as the day of the programme. The students who are willing to donate food give their names to the staff member in charge on the previous day.  The food packets are collected from the students department -wise by the teachers and non-teaching staff. The food packets are then distributed to the target group through a social worker.

 Mr. Devassia, a social worker working with voluntary groups, has associated himself with this project. He collects the food packets and distributes it to needy patients in the General Hospital and the Medical College Hospital in Alleppey, as well as in old age homes.

The names of students contributing food packets are published on the notice board of the departments, and recorded in a log book, signed and sealed by the Principal every week. The staff and students are whole heartedly participating in this programme, which has had a positive impact on the attitude of the students towards their social responsibilities.