Sanatana Dharma College
Dr. Bibin K. Jose (Assistant Professor)
MSc, MPhil, Ph.D, NET plus JRF

1) Got Mphil degree in Mathematics from Loyola College, Chennai
2) Got Ph.D degree in Mathematics from M.G. University, Kottayam
3) A recognized research guide in Mathematics of Kerala University
4) Member of PG Board of Studies, M.G. University, Kottayam
5) Research collaboration with International mathematicians like Zsolt Tuza, Csilla Bujtas and S. Arumugam
6) Editorial Board Member, Re-viewer and Advisory Board Member of many International and National Journals

Areas of Interest

Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics


1) Bibin K. Jose and Zsolt Tuza, Hypergraph domination and strong independence, Applied analytics and Discrete Mathematics, 3, (2009) 347-358
2) S. Arumugam, Bibin K. Jose, Csilla Bujats and Zsolt Tuza, equality of domination and transversal numbers in hypergraph, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 161(2013), pp1859-1867

3) Bibin K. Jose, Graph products of open distance pattern uniform graph-General Mathematical Notes, Vol.18, No2, 2013 p.p 67-68

UGC Research Projects

Completed a UGC MRP of Rs.1,40,000/- entitled 'A study of Domination Chain and Related Topics in Hypergraph'.