Sanatana Dharma College
Dr. Parameswaran P.S., (Associate Professor)
MSc Chemistry, Ph.D, NET & JRF(CSIR)
  • 0477-2230252, 9495738778
  • Sreenivas, East Street, Mullackal, Alappuzha – 688011

1. SPECTRA-2011, UGC sponsored National Seminar on Frontiers in NMR Spectroscopy, Dept. of Chemistry, St.Michael’s College, Cherthala. St.Michael’s College, Cherthala
2. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Material Science and Modern Analytical Techniques, MPMMSN Trusts College, Shoranur, Palakkad(Dt) MPMMSN Trusts College, Shoranur, Palakkad

UGC Faculty Development Programme

2004 - 05.01.2005 CUSAT, Kochi -Modification of phenol formaldehyde resin for improved mechanical properties Completed.
Submitted-30.12.2009. Awarded-08.04.2011

UGC Projects

1. Synthesis & Characterisation of nano gamma ferrite (UGC Minor 1,35,000 10.02.2013)
2. Influence of chelating agents on the properties of nanoferrites (KSCSTEC Student Project 10,000 30.09.2014)
3. Synthesis of nano ZnO by Green method (KSCSTEC Student Project 4,500) Almost completed
Details of Application for Minor/Major Projects submitted to different agencies.

4. Synthesis and Characterisation of nano ZnO (UGC Minor 4,50,000 17.08.2015)