Sanatana Dharma College
Dr. R. Poornima (Assistant Professor)
MA, BEd, Mphil, PhD

I joined as a faculty on 19th June 2009. I have completed 7 years of service. I have participated in UGC Sponsored Seminars and presented research papers.

Areas of Interest

Modern Hindi Literature


1) Charandas Chor Meim Bhasateey Brishti, Anusheelam, Jan 2012, P223

2) Nirmal Varma Ki Yudhavirodhi Chethana-'Ve din' aur 'Cheedom Par Chamdni" Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Meim- Sangratham, Nov 2011, p.23

UGC Research Project

Completed a Minor Research Project entitled 'Search of Indianness in Habib Tanvir's Drama


Have been engaged as Question Paper Setter in an Autonomous College