coursesThe college has undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes. Pure Science courses such as Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry; Humanities such as Economics and History; Languages like English, Hindi, and Malayalam; and Commerce are offered as subjects for Bachelors programmes. All the science subjects are offered at the postgraduate level. Commerce, Economics, and English are also offered as masters. Politics and Statistics are offered only as subsidiary subjects at the undergraduate level. All the courses are designed by the University of Kerala.

The college offers research facilities in the departments of Botany and Zoology. In addition, the Departments of English, History and Commerce also have approved research guides supervising students for Ph.D. At least two other departments are on the way to offer research facilities in the near future. Candidates can approach the supervisors directly.

The college has also recently initiated steps to conduct two add-on vocational certificate courses; one in Functional English and Public Speaking and another in Library Science. This is done in collaboration with the Department of Continuing Education under the Univ. of Kerala and is open to the general public. Employed people are also benefitted by these courses. The courses are conducted according to the availability of students.


Graduate Programmes:

• B.Sc. Botany

• B.Sc. Chemistry

• B.Sc. Mathematics

• B.Sc. Microbiology

• B.Sc. Physics

• B.Sc. Zoology

Post Graduate Programmes:

• M.Sc. Botany

• M.Sc. Chemistry

• M.Sc. Mathematics

• M.Sc. Physics

• M.Sc. Zoology

Ph.D Programmes:

• Botany

• Chemistry

• Zoology