Department of English = SD CollegeNurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs are the seeds of industrial development and the fruits of industrial development are greater an employment opportunity to unemployed youth. Entrepreneurial development today has become very significant; in view of its being a key to economic development. As we move forward into the 21st Century it is important to reflect on the great contributions that entrepreneurs have made to the wellbeing of our people and the wealth of our economy. Hence the commerce department of college molded Entrepreneurial club enriching our students to reassure their entrepreneurial trails to ensure the development of the society.

The club was formed in 2010 .The club started active participation by 2013.

The objectives of our club is :

  1. To sensitise students on the real economic and industrial issues of our state and
  2. To inculcate entrepreneurial culture in students by making them aware of the unlimited development potential in the area of industry.