International Year of Light (IYL-2015)
(Sponsored by KSCSTE and organized by Department of Physics S.D. College, Alappuzha)

International year of light 2015 Kerala


Light plays a central role in human activities. Many applications of light have revolutionized society through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture. Industries based on light are major economic drivers, and light-based technologies directly respond to the needs of humankind by providing access to information, promoting sustainable development, and increasing societalhealth and well-being. The International Year of Light is “a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health. The major scientificanniversaries that will be celebrated during IYL2015 are • 1015: Workson optics by Ibn Al-Haytham • 1815: The notion of lightas a wave proposed by Fresnel • 1865: The electromagnetic theory of light propagation proposed by Maxwell • 1915; Einstein’s theory of the photoelectric effect in 1905 and of the embedding of lightincosmology through general relativity • 1965: Discovery of the cosmic microwave background by Penzias and Wilson, and Charles Kao’s achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication.

In this occasion KSCSTE organizes state level events to create an appreciation about light in various classes of students. As the part of this program a seminar for College students and quiz and essay writing competitions for high/higher secondary school students is scheduled on 8″December 2015 at S.D. College Alappuzha.

All are cordially invited for this function.

Dr.Sreejith K.Pisharady Prof. N. Sreekumar District Co-ordinator Head of the Department IYL-2015 Department of Physics

S.D.College, Alappuzha


Venue 1- Golden Jubilee Auditorium

9.30am – Registration

10.00am – Inaugural Session Prayer

Welcome – Dr.KK Narayanan Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Presidential address – Prof. N. Sreekumar Head, Department of Physics

Inauguration – Prof. R. Geethakrishna Pai Principal,S.D.College

FelicitatiOn – Dr. S. Nataraja Iyer Vice-Principal, S.D. College

Vote of thanks – Dr. S.R. Rajesh Asst. Professor, Department of Physics

10.30am-1045am – Tea break

1045am – 1200noon – InvitedTalk International Year of Light 2015 Dr. K. P. Satheesh Rtd. Principal Govt. College, Ambalappuzha 12.00noon-1.00pm Demonstration of Optical Experiments

Dr. Sreekanth J. Varma Assistant Professor, SD.College Alappuzha

1.00pm -2.00pm – Lunch break 2.00pm -3.00pm – InvitedTalk

Light and Light based Technologies Dr. Jayakrishnan R.

Assistant Professor, Christian College Chengannur


– Quiz competition for School students

10.45am –1 1.30pm -2.30pm – Essay Competition