12The history of National Cadet Corps in SD College dates back to the inception days of the college itself. When NCC was introduced in Kerala, SD College was one among the few colleges selected for the programme. Our Alma mater has witnessed and goaded the progress of this movement from the days of auxiliary Cadet Corps to NCC Rifles to present NCC. All through these years NCC had been an indefectible and indispensable accomplice in the expansion and progress of our college.The National Cadet Corps was started in the college in 1956.

The first company consisted of 60 cadets and was attached to 17 Kerala Battalion under the Kottayam group. It rose up to a total of 6 companies during the years of compulsory N.C.C. training in the post China-war period, but was later reduced to 1 company in 1980.A separate girls’ division started in 1994. Now the college has 2 companies with 160 boy cadets and 160 girl cadets. The boys’ wing is attached to 11 Kerala Battalion NCC under the Kollam Group, and the girls’ wing attached to the 3 Kerala Girls Battalion under the Kollam Group.

The Boys’ and girls’ divisions of N.C.C. perform excellently well under the able leadership of  Dr. K. Narayanan and Lt. Anupama V. NCC on its part had always displayed rare virtues of ‘Unity and Discipline’, been most apolitical in the callous environment of student politics and was a voluntary force with the institution for any emergency. We can say with pride that due to the untiring and emulative efforts of our NCC officers and the Cadets, the NCC at SD college had always been on the forefront in subscribing maximum cadets for representing the state in the RD parade at New Delhi. During 1990 to 2011 43 cadets from this college participated in the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi.

The NCC movement had kindled in its members the desire to join Armed Forces and serve the nation. Many of our cadets joined as commissioned officers. Major Jeevan B (recipient of Sourya Chakra 2010) was the under officer of this college during 1998. The NCC unit of SD College can proudly proclaim that we have appreciable number of cadets who have joined the Defence Forces, Para Military Forces, Central State forces as officers and men. The virtues learnt from NCC had always been a great help and motivation to those who joined other services and in other field of entrepreneurship. Many of them openly declare that exposure to NCC was a great leverage through their progress in life.