SD College Kerala ProjectsIn the light of the ambition to make research a core area of activity of the department it was decided to start a Research Centre, which emphasizes theory informed empirical studies with historical perspective, keeping in view the broader social context of economic problems. The recent spurt in the infrastructural facilities and the potential of the current faculty is an added advantage in this direction.

Research Agenda

The paradigm shit in development strategy consequent to globalization implies a diminishing role for planning and an increasing role for the market mechanism. The role of the state and the scope of the market therefore need to be redefined to address development issues. In the context of the dwindling role of the state, new actors like Non Governmental Organizations have emerged. A further shift has been towards an increasing emphasis on decentralized governance taking the planning process to the grassroots level. What is more, the ambit of development studies has expanded to accommodate new concerns like human development, and issues relating to gender, environment and sustainable development.

The opening up of social sciences has its implications for development studies imposing upon it the need to open conversations with disciplines like sociology and anthropology. These changes throw up several new challenges for applied economic research, teaching, and training. At once, the challenges open up new opportunities for the proposed Research Centre in the department to orient its research agenda, to propose revisions in the existing teaching programmes, and to help design new ones in areas where it can gain the first mover advantage and set new standards. The social and scholarly relevance of the Centre in the coming years would depend upon the extent to which it succeeds in addressing these challenges and appropriating the new opportunities. As a Centre existing in Alappuzha, importance will be given to research issues relevant to the local socio-economic aspects.

Research Guides Available in the Centre and Core areas:

  1. Padmaja D. Namboodiri, Kerala Economy, Development Economics
  2. Prabhakaran nair V.R, Credit, Banking and Corporate Financing

Facilities for Research in the Department (Follow the link)

The way forward

The basic thrust of the Department for the next five years is to extend the benefits of teaching and research to the society. The department now intends to strengthen the consultancy services and make the department a nodal agency for facilitating surveys on socio-economic issues. It is also planned to adopt a socially and economically backward village /ward and conduct awareness programme. Efforts are on to convert the department to a Research Center.  The department will give emphasis on imparting ICT techniques effectively in P. G. teaching. The department also intends to start NET/JRF coaching for PG students.  In order to equip and prepare a Mini Seminar Hall, the department is in need of an Audio-Visual System with micro-phones and television.