Journal Articles

1.    Biosorption of  toxic zinc(II) ion  from water using ion   imprinted interpenetrating polymer networks.     J. ……..Chem. Chem.  Eng.,    2013, 7, 508-517   

2.    Sorption of trace amounts of Pb(II) ions on an ion  imprinted   interpenetrating polymer networks based           ……..on alginic acid and crosslinked polyacrylamide     Sep. Sci.  Tech.    2014, 49,1053-1061     Impact factor: 1.1

3.    Bioremediation of waste water containing hazardous     cadmium ion with  ion imprinted interpenetrating  ……..polymer networks,      Adv.  Env. Chem.     2014, 10   

4    Selective removal of transition metal ions from waste  water by ion imprinting technology ,     Int. J.   — Chem Tech. Res.    2014, 6,2438-24455    0.3

5    Design of copper ion imprinted polymers based on crosslinked   4-vinylpyridine,     J.  Chemi. Pharma.  Res      2015,7,2,910-916 ISSN 0975-7384   

6      Thermal behavior of Pb(II) ion imprinted interpenetrating polymer networks    The Int J Sci and Technoledge    2015,3,5,ISSN 2321    0.4


2010 September 3rd    School of Chemical sciences, M G University    Metal ion imprinted polymers    Completed on September 3 2013, awarded degree on MAY 2015


1.    Member of Accademy of Chemistry Teachers    Member    2011-2015