Dr. S. Vijayakrishnan
Associate Professor (MSc, Mphil, PhD)
Attappallil House, Eraviperoor. P. 0.; Thiruvalta.

Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics, SD College, Alappuzha Joined on 1-10-1992 Member of Board of Studies (PASS) University of Kerala Research guide in Mathematics- University of Kerala

Areas of Interest



1) On translimit conversion and topological dimensions-Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association – Dec 2009

2) On rank, generality degree, and generalized partition numbers-Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association – Dec 2010

3) On Helly dependence and infinite Helly numbers- Journal of Tripura Mathematical Society- vol(4), 2002

UGC Research Projects

Minor research project “on trans-limit conversion and topological dimensions (Completed in 2009)