Summary of UGC Projects

  • Report on philosophical foundations of the precepts of Chattampi Swamikal / Principal Investigator : Dr. R. Rajalekshmi (SUMMARY)
  • Problems of tea manufactures in Kerala / Principal Investigator : Prasanth S. Pai (SUMMARY)
  • A painful journey into the life of women in the background of Krishna Sobti’s novels / Principal Investigator : Dr. Shashikala Namboothiri (SUMMARY)
  • Evaluation and Propagation of Citron (Citrus Medica L.)/ Principal Investigator : Dr. Sreeranjini S. (Report – Full Text)
  • Development of highly crystalline conducting polymers and polymer nanocomposites for
    electromagnetic shielding applications / Principal Investigator : Dr. Sreekanth J.Varma (Report – Full Text)
  • Modeling of charged dust environment around the Moon and a study on its impact on space missions / Principal Investigator : Rakesh Chandran.S.B (Report – Full text )
  •  Rural empowerment : role of Kerala Gramin Bank / Principal Investigator : Vineeth Chandra, K. S. (SUMMARY)
  • Negative socio-cultural impact of tourism in Alleppey district, Kerala / Principal Investigator : Dr. Jubily Navaprabha (SUMMARY)
  • Isolation ,Screening , and Developing the Pesticide and Herbicide resistant Fluorescent Pseudomonas strains in Kuttanad region / Principal Investigator : Dr.C.Dileep ( SUMMARY)
  • Isolation, purification, identification and potential use of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria in Kuttanad Region / Principal Investigator : Dr. C. Dileep (SUMMARY)
  • Impact of Public Policies on rural informal credit markets in Kerala /  Principal Investigator : Dr. Prabhakaran Nair V. R. (SUMMARY)