Young Innovators Programme is a specially designed programme under Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). The programme aims to empower future innovators to innovate new products, services or models to meet emerging requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs of the society more effectively through an innovative challenge.

K-DISC’s Young Innovators Program (YIP) is set to enter an exciting new chapter with the announcement of the program’s second edition through 2019. Keeping with the true intent of the vision of the program – to expose young students to the cycle of innovation and to promote a culture of Innovation in Kerala, YIP 2019 is designed to create a deeper imprint on the academic system in the state.

 In short, YIP 2019 is structured around a philosophy of situated cognition and design-based learning, and is envisioned to be a massive, open, inclusive, collaborative, institution-based program aimed at identifying and nurturing young innovators. The overall design and structure of the YIP 2019 has evolved from the following underlying strategies, and the learning gained from the program’s maiden cycle last year.


Selection Criteria

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 YIP Facilitators:

1. Dr.Rakesh Chandran S.B (Department of Physics)

    Mail id:; Ph:9446252335/7559092335

2. Dr.Jose Mathew (Department of Botany)

Mail id:; Ph:9744702847