UG Programmes

On the completion of an Undergraduate Programme, learners should:

1.      Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the respective discipline and an awareness of interdisciplinary approaches.

2.      Display communication skills in oral and written formats; using appropriate audiovisual media to expert/non-expert audiences.

3.      Demonstrate the capability to apply analytic thought to a body of knowledge; analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments etc. on empirical terms.

4.      Display theoretical, computational, experimental and practical skills.

5.      Conduct innovative and independent thinking.

6.      Demonstrate an awareness of professional and research ethics.

7.      Apply soft skills like time management, team work, decision making skills, problem solving sills and leadership.

PG Programmes

On the completion of a Postgraduate Programme, learners should:

1.      Display advanced knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines.

2.      Demonstrate an orientation towards interdisciplinary learning and research.

3.      Involve in professional practice through the application of acquired knowledge and skills.

4.      Involve in independent and collaborative work in accordance with professional ethics.

5.      Develop intellectual property by publishing articles in high impact factor journals, conference proceedings etc.

6.      Communicate the acquired knowledge and independent thoughts effectively through presentations, discussions and lectures.